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Complete Communities: We're All In

Complete Communities is an initiative to set us on a path to achieve our goals and shape a future that works for all of us with a focus on four key areas: housing, mobility, parks and infrastructure.

Complete Communities includes planning strategies that work together to create incentives to build homes near transit, provide more mobility choices, enhance opportunities for places to walk, bike, relax and play, and more quickly bring neighborhood benefits where we need them most.

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Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions includes incentives aimed at encouraging the building of homes near high-frequency transit. The focus is intended to create more housing options for everyone, particularly those at low and middle-income levels. These incentives include investments in neighborhood amenities, such as pocket parks and plazas.

Encouraging new development within a half-mile of high quality public transit will provide more housing options across all income levels, boost transit ridership, reduce vehicle emissions and motivate active lifestyles.

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Mobility Choices

Mobility Choices aims to connect every San Diegan with safe and convenient mobility alternatives that can reliably connect them to jobs, shopping, services, neighborhood parks, open spaces and other amenities.

The City of San Diego’s landmark Climate Action Plan includes a broad range of activities aimed at reducing the level of emissions released into our atmosphere, while promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

With more mobility choices, roads can become less congested and everyone will enjoy a cleaner San Diego.

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Play Everywhere

The City of San Diego is planning for a citywide interconnected park system with more opportunities for everyone to get outside and play. The City seeks to expand recreation facilities beyond traditional parks. This creates more options for play, exercise and social connections in our city.

An interconnected parks system requires prioritized funding for current and future facilities, programs and services. These priorities are linked to changes in housing, infrastructure and mobility in a way that is both fiscally and environmentally sound.

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Infrastructure Now

A modernized funding structure enriches Complete Communities, which enables faster and more efficient delivery of public facilities and infrastructure across all communities.

Consolidating funding to build infrastructure will expedite more projects across the City, deliver public facilities sooner and allow for more flexibility to target the greatest needs across the City.

Download the Infrastructure Now Fact Sheet

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